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Ultimate Terrain (for Alaska and Canada)...

... is a replacement of the default landscape that "extends" the beauty of Misty Fjords past Misty's horizons to include the rest of Alaska and all of Canada.

When you fly out of the Misty Fjords area into the FS9 default scenery, you can see a significant (and disappointing) difference. Thanks to Holger's scenery, we have all become very spoiled indeed as to true graphical beauty. But now we have Allen Kriesman who is offering us Ultimate Terrain, a very fine adjunct to Misty Fjords. Of course, we are mostly interested in Canada and Alaska which is the first offering and available now. (However, we should also note that Allen will be doing other parts of the world also soon).

What "UT" offers the "Misty Flyer" is a far less-abrupt transition from Holger's Misty to the FS9 default scenery. Notice the screenshots below that show the "interface" between UT and MF. As you fly from Misty Fjords into Allen's UT, you'll be seeing almost the same breathtaking beauty for all of Canada and Alaska. It is not meant to be as precise as Holger's but it is a tremendous upgrade from the default ... extending the magnificence of Misty beyond the Misty Horizon.

Description of the program from Scenery Solutions

Scenery Solutions
Announces The Ultimate Terrain Series Of Products.....
Roads - Night Lighting - Rails - Coastlines - Lakes - Rivers - Landclass - Land Polygons

Have you ever looked at one of the online internet map services, or advanced graphical GPS units, and wished for that kind of detail and accuracy in the FS2004 terrain ? Using commercial data licensed from companies like Navteq, TeleAtlas, and DMTI Spatial, Scenery Solutions has created a FS2004 terrain upgrade package like no other to date.

Each package includes ALL of the following:

  • Adds every available road from the chosen commercial navigation data set.
  • Each road is accurately placed in FS2004 to match its real world location.
  • Adds enhanced railroads in major cities (including rail yards).
  • Adds a new night lighting environment unlike anything else on the market. This feature will add actual points of light, to simulate street lights, automobiles, and rural farms. Previously, this functionality has only been seen in many professional flight simulators.
  • Adds corrected Oceanic coastlines, plus islands, lakes, and rivers. No more roads over water ! Adds a more accurate landclass representing metropolitan areas. Adds detailed land polygons for things like parks, golf courses, and cemeteries. The boundaries will align with the road boundaries, just like you see them on high quality mapping services and GPS units.

All of this is packaged together for a complete FS2004 terrain enhancement. Also includes versatile configuration utility (screenshot) and texture configuration too (screenshot).

Matchup Between MF and UT ... its almost perfect!

A [nearly] seamless transition at the boundary!
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

Linkage to Ultimate Terrain/Canada and Alaska
from Scenery Solutions

URLs for Linkage to Ultimate Terrain

Latest Version for Misty and Tongass [here]

This is the latest Version 4 Update

How do I add Ultimate Terrain for Alaska and Canada?

Getting Started

1. You must already be running the Misty Fjords Scenery Package [available here]
2. Purchase and download Ultimate Terrain from [here]
3. Activate the scenery within UT using the setup box for it.
4. Run the Latest (Version 4) Misty/UT patch which you can download [here]

Comments from Holger Sandmann - Creator of Misty Fjords Scenery Package

"I've always been very skeptical that an automatically generated landscape add-on can achieve a high and consistent level of quality. Allen's UT has convinced me that this is indeed possible. More importantly, perhaps, is that Allen's willingness to look beyond his own project, offering full support for my efforts to make UT compatible with MF, is a neat and unique example of how two products that could be considered "competitors" end up being a perfect match. "

Comments from Allen Kriesman - Creator of Ultimate Terrain for Alaska and Canada


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