Hunter Bay Cannery Charter

Minimum ceiling: 2000 feet
Minimum flying altitude: 1500 feet
Minimum visibility: 3 mile
Approximate distance: 40 miles
Landing Area NOT frozen in winter
Water landings year around

Direct from Gravina Point to Cannery: 33 miles at 199
Direct from Cannery to Gravina Point: 33 miles at 018

The Charter:

You just received a call from the Hunter Bay Cannery Manager. He would like for you to pick up the new Assistant Manager at the Ketchikan Airport and bring him to Hunter Bay. This is the Assistant Manager's first trip to Alaska and to the cannery. The Manager has asked if you would tell him a little about some of the sights along the way and fly a more scenic rather than direct flight to the cannery. He knows the new man loves the outdoors and wants to impress him with the beauty of Alaska. So you have two assignments, (1) fly your passenger safely from Ketchikan to Hunter Bay, and (2) sell Alaska to the new Assistant Manager. The VFR directions are bold and the narrative for your passenger is in italics. The VFR directions for your return to Ketchikan are also included.

VFR Directions: Flying to the Hunter Bay Cannery

VFR Directions: Returning to Ketchikan