Rainbow Lake Cabin

NOTE: This cabin has a difficult approach. You cannot trust FSNavigator4 because of the final turn. So no FSNavigator4 planning files have NOT been included for this cabin. This is pure VFR, and a difficult approach. You must fly between some ridges and after clearing the last one at 1200 feet, drop quickly to the surface of the lake for a landing. As you make the final turn, you should set up for landing configuration and slow speed.

Minimum ceiling:2000 feet
Minimum flying altitude: 1200 feet
Minimum visibility: 3 mile
Approximate distance: 15 miles

Direct from Vallemar Point to Cabin: 15 miles at 296
Direct from Cabin to Vallemar Point: 117 miles at 193

VFR Directions: To the cabin

  1. Center over the Tongass Narrows at a heading of about 292. Head for Vallemar Point, the final land point on Gravina Island to port.
  2. From Vallemar Point, set a heading for 285 which will take you near the coast of the Cleveland Peninsula. You should visually head for Caamano Point, the most southern tip of the peninsula, about 8 miles. Follow the western coastline of the peninsula for about 10 miles watching VERY closely for a tiny island named Ship Island Light.
  3. At Ship Island Light, you will be making a hard turn to starboard coming to a heading of 032, flying around the small mountain to your right. Rainbow Lake is 3.3 miles ahead and not visable until you are almost upon it. You must maintain at least 1200 feet to clear the last ridge before you drop quickly to the lake. Be in landing configuration just after your turn at Ship Island Light.
  4. The Cabin is located on the far side of the lake (eastern shore).

VFR Directions: Returning to Ketchikan

  1. Start out almost in front of the Rainbow Lake Cabin, and set a heading of 211.
  2. Take off at full throttle to clear the ridge ahead of you.
  3. Once you get to the channel, you will see the Ship Island Light.
  4. At the Ship Island light, set a heading of about 105 degrees and follow the western coast south toward Caamano Point.
  5. At Caamano Point, set a heading of 110 degrees to fly to Vallemar Point, the northern point of Gravina Island. You should be talking to Ketchikan ATC by this point for approach instructions.

Description: This is a rustic style 12' x 14' Pan-Abode log cabin with an oil-burning stove for heat, and sleeping space for 4 to 6 people. The cabin was built in 1968.

Location: About 27 miles (43.5 km) from Ketchikan. The cabin is located on the southern end of Cleveland Peninsula between Clarence Strait and Helm Bay. It is on the north shore of Rainbow Lake at an elevation of 650 feet (200 meters). It is accessible by float plane. In fall, winter and early spring, the cabin may be inaccessible due to the frozen lake surface (float planes cannot land).

Season of Use: May through October.

Facilities: 2 single plywood bunks, 2 double plywood bunks, Table and benches, Oil stove (uses #1 diesel, NOT provided), Cooking counter, Food cupboard and shelves, Broom, mop and bucket, Outhouse toilet

Water is available from a nearby creek. Treat all water before using. Bring your own stove oil (#1 stove oil or kerosene only), sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooking stove, lantern, pots, pans, plates, utensils, food, toilet paper, garbage bags, fire extinguisher and fire starter.

Additional Comments: Currently there is no skiff provided at this cabin.

Special Features: This cabin is located in the upper reaches of old-growth cedar, Sitka spruce, and western hemlock rain forest with lodgepole pine in the vicinity of the cabin. There are open views of muskegs and peaks across the lake from the cabin. The lake has a resident population of rainbow trout. Wildlife in the area include Sitka blacktail deer, black bear, mountain goat, and wolf.