Kegan Cove Cabin

Minimum ceiling: 1000 feet
Minimum flying altitude: 1000 feet
Minimum visibility: 1 mile
Approximate distance: 55 miles

Direct from Gravina Point to Cabin: 24 miles at 204
Direct from Cabin to Gravina Point: 24 miles at 024

VFR Directions: To the Kegan Cove Cabin

  1. After leaving PAKT or 5KE, position over the center Pennock Island in the Tongass Narrows at a heading of 110
  2. At the midpoint of Pennock Island, set a heading of 141 to Gravina Point. This is the point of land at the southern most tip of Gravina Island (the large island on your right), about 2.9 miles distant. Prepare for a course correction to starboard.
  3. At Gravina Point, set a heading of 177 for 11 miles to the Bronaugh Islands. You will turn into Nichols Passage. The small settlement of China Town is across the passage to port at the base of Red Mountain. As you make this turn, Blank Inlet will be on your starboard side.
  4. As you are flying down the southern coast of Gravina Island, you will fly past Bostwick Inlet, and a small cove called Seal Cove. You will see the Dall Head come up at about 2 o'clock. The Bronaugh Islands are about 2 miles off the southern coast and should be ahead of you.
  5. At the Bronaugh Islands, set a course of 217 for the center of Moria Sound on the Prince of Wales island. You will fly over a group of islands at the mouth of the sound, Whiterock Island will be first, then you will fly over Menefee Islands. Rip Point will be to port.
  6. As you near the entrance of the South Arm (angleing off to your left) you will make a turn to starboard to a heading of 278. Kegan Lake is ahead of you. The smaller lake before Kegan Lake is actually Kegan Cove. The cabin is on the near (south) shore of Kegan Cove. If you are a good pilot, it is possible to land safely on the cove, otherwise fly on to Kegan Lake and taxi back to the cabin.

VFR Directions: Returning to Ketchikan

  1. Taxi to the north end of Kegan Lake to give yourself sufficient room for a safe takeoff. You should set a heading of about 130. Just after you take off, fly over the cabin making a nice turn to the left out over the water of Moria Sound. Once in Moria Sound, set a heading for the mouth of the sound toward Whiterock Island (heading of 040). You will fly over the Menefee Islands to Whiterock Island just beyond.
  2. At Whiterock Island, set a course of 040 (you already may be on this heading depending on how you flew to Whiterock Island). Maintain this heading for 15.9 miles to the Bronaugh Islands. The Dall Head is the mountain on the south side of Gravina Island, this is a good visual waypoint to seek. However, as you get closer, you will see the Bronaugh Islands, about 10 degrees to starboard. Head for those islands.
  3. Over the Bronaugh Islands, set a course for Gravina Point at a heading of 357 for 10.5 miles. As you make this turn to port, the Dall Head is to your left. A small cove coming up on the left is Seal Cove with a larger inlet just beyond it which is Bostwick Inlet. The next, and deeper inlet is Blank Inlet. As You near Gravina Point, you should be contacting Ketchikan ATC for approach instructions.
  4. Over Gravina point, you can set a heading of 332 that will take you over the center of Pennock Island.

Description: This 12' x 14' Pan-Abodeprecut cedarlog cabin was built in 1979. It has sleeping space for 4 to 6 people and a wood-burning stove for heat.

Location: The cabin is located on saltwater at Moira Sound, 51 miles (82 km) from Craig and 30 miles (48 km) from Ketchikan.

Access: The cabin can be reached by float plane or boat. It is accessible and available for use all year long. However, April through November are often the best months. A mooring buoy is located in the cove. A reservation for a Forest Service cabin does not include exclusive use of the buoy. Buoy use is on a first-come, first-served basis. Mooring of more than one vessel is allowed, provided the first party there agrees. Occasionally poor weather can result in extended stays, and cabin users should be prepared for this.

Terrain: Terrain is generally flat with coastal Sitka spruce-western hemlock forest predominating.

Facilities: 2 single plywood bunks, 2 double plywood bunks, Table and benches, Wood stove and firewood, Cooking bench, Broom, Outhouse toilet, Axe, Splitting maul, Mooring buoy

Water is available from Kegan Creek. Treat all water before using. Bring your own sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooking stove, lantern, pots, pans, plates, utensils, food, toilet paper, garbage bags, fire extinguisher and fire starter.

Special Features: The prolific salmon runs draw both anglers and black bear to the popular creek. An excellent trail meanders along Kegan Creek, connecting Kegan Cove and the cabin on Kegan Creek 1/2 mile upstream. The trail is a good place to watch fish or try to catch steelhead and trout. Eagles, sea gulls, and a variety of other birds as well as Sitka black-tailed deer also frequent the area.