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Y ou are now downloading you "key" to Misty's Place. The purpose of the key is to give you a handy desktop shortcut where you will be able to navigate to all of the Misty Moorings, Inc. web pages as well as to Misty's Place. We know that not all of us are on broadband, so we created this method of getting the key to make it easier for you. So while you are downloading your key, you may browse through the following information to learn more about Misty's Place and some of the features.

The reason we created Misty's Place was to give the pilots flying the beautiful Misty Fjords a place to gather, discuss Misty Fjords, discuss scenery projects, etc. Many of you have asked for a "club house" or a "meeting place" that is exclusively for you and people like you ... Misty's Place is that ... but also a lot more:

Misty's Place is located on Thorne Bay about 40 miles northwest of Ketchikan. You can get a TripTic to find Misty's Place on the Misty's Place Web Page. The web page also has a forum so the pilots can chat after their flights, and we can all discuss technology, add-ons and all the other things that are happening these days in Misty Fjords. The web page will also include a "flightsim story" that will give you the continuing adventures of "Buck," our hero and "Misty" our heroine ... you'll want to check back often to keep up with the adventures. All are welcome at Misty's Place, the membership and the forum is open to all.

Features of Misty's Place

1. Misty's Place Airfield (MM01) is a night-lighted runway of 2500 feet, large enough to safely land some twins even in some rather nasty weather. AVGAS is available by pulling up to the pumps. A hangar is available and plenty of tie down room. VASI on both ends of the runway adjusted for over water on one end and over mountains on the other. This is, however, a non-towered airport.

2. Misty's Place Seaplane (MM02) has a water runway NW/SE 2500' by 100'. There are no markings or lights. There are a couple of beautiful docks where you can tie down your floatplane ... then walk up the walkway to Misty's Place and have a fine meal.

3. Misty's Place Helipad ... fully lit helipad ready for all comers.

4. Misty's Place Lounge ... a place to hang out for pilots, a bar and grill, open 24 hours, on the web page, this is our "forum."

5. Misty's Place ... a bed and breakfast/motel complex where there is fine cuisine (one of the best restaurants in the area) and fine lodging for the more discriminating patrons.

6. Buck's Bunkhouse ... this is where Buck will be calling home. You'll get to know Buck from "The Misty Tale," the flightsim adventure on the Misty's Place web page.

7. Hank's Hangar ... Hank is the resident mechanic that keeps everything running; Hank will appear regularly in "The Misty Tale.

8. Tom's Cabin ... on a little lake nearby ... you'll meet Tom later in "The Misty Tale."

9. An NDB (321.000) will help you find Misty's Place when things get a little "misty."

10. Well-lit docks, walkways, porches and signs. A lovely place just to "walk around" and enjoy at dusk and at night. Many details included, phone booths, and all. When you fly toward Misty's Place at night, you'll see it!

11. Fully FSE enhanced if you are FSE capable. The birds are singing in the summer and the wind is blowing in the winter! You will also find sailboats and shipping traffic moving through and around Thorne Bay.

12. Windfall Harbor ... another small addon scenery is included. This adds a Challenger Field that is about 800' long. This is mainly for Ultralights and small planes with flaps and of course STOL. It will be packaged with the Misty's Place scenery but as a separate folder, MM-Windfall Harbor.


We hope you enjoy Misty's Place. We wanted to give you a club house or a place where you can meet each other, exchange ideas and generally have some fun. We will always be adding new things to the web site and as the Misty Tale continues, new sceneries will fit the stories.

Good Flying, Safe Flying ... and Enjoy!

The Misty Moorings Team mistymoorings@jdlinn.com

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